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Last night the most awkward situation i've ever been in, i was in... if that makes sence.
Scott, Rachel and I went to a movie and afterwards while we were waiting for rachel's dad to drive us back to her house we went to haagen dazs.
It was really crowded so rachel went to call her dad while scott and i waited in line. i walk to the back of the line and being the klutz i am i banged into someone and when i looked up it was my ex from like, a year, ben. he lookd at me and looked at scott then walked away. to make the situation even more awkward i kept walking and walked into someone ELSE.
my other ex.
i asked rachel if she wanted to go to starbucks but she wanted ice cream, so did scott. then scott saw ben and goes, "HEYY! This is awkward!" and stood me inbetween them... i basically wanted to die.
Then of course scott had to start talking to max, who was with ben so we were just sitting there staring at each other. blehh.
but seriously. 2 exes and my boyfriend in a circle around me. not cool.


okay i'm going to write about sara's party because i know she's going to read this since she is my only friend =]
okay so it was fun anddd i ate a lot of food becasue i was hungry. she didn't get to show me how to do lj but she'll get to eventually
t was funnyy... uhh i don't know.
the cupcakes were delicious
weplayed video games
and took lots of pictures
and saw pete wentzand daniel radcliff naked

we also called amanda, and had ali scream in the background, "SARA YOU SLUT PUT YOUR PANTS ON AND GET OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH GLEN ITS BEEN MORE THAN 7 MINUTES!"
Haha Amanda was so pissed off.

Well i'm extremely bored because the only thing there is to do right now is get ready for passover, which is exactly what i'm trying to avoid. it's so annoying =P

i'll write more later when i actually have something to say.


last night was eventful.
with scott
and i'm writing this because I need sara to post a nice long entry about WHAT HAPPENED YESTERAY ON HER BIRTHDAYYY
so post it like, now.
awesome, thanks =)
now post it
and call kyle
then post again
and tell me what he says


Just playing around with the html. Trying to figure out this site it's kind of confusing!!

I'm gonna start making friends now =) very fun. sara's helping me join groups for marc broussard and demetri martin =) then you're going to explain it to me at your party because i'm going to hold you to it :) (what else will you do when i show up at your door ;) hehe<33

by the way i'm intensly excited for this party, even though amanda's not going. we're gonna have amazing times. if the boys come we must take a million pictures with them and show them to her so she's like "oh my god, why did i not go to this party!?" then she'll die.


new to this... just trying to figure the stuff out. 
it's pretty cool, i'm gonna look for people who are interested in marc broussard and demetri martin - my two favorites.
hebrew school time =)