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birdlover92's Journal

8 July
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Helloo.. My name is Elena and I'm from New York. Here are some random facts about me:
♠My middle name is caroline,
♥i have a foot phobia
♠i know how to make, and love making websites and graphics
♥i have two older sisters
♠i love sign language
♥i'm obsessed with demetri martin
♠i love country music
♥marc broussard is the best
♠my favorite shows are house, greys ananomy, and degrassi new and old
♥i'm jewish
♠i love my hebrew high school
♥i despise the sound of people chewing
♠i have aim and msn
♥i love chips with chocolate
♠i'm almost always on the computer
♥i know all the words to la vie boheme, as well as many other 'rent' songs.
♠i met naomi cambell
♥my dad works with famous people sometimes
♠that's about it =)